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Introduction of the Eye 

Eye Test

Our eyes are one of the most complex and fragile parts of our bodies. Made up of over 2 million working parts, the eye is not the easiest to understand. Because our eyes are so fragile it is very common for one to have eye problems. In fact, 64% of people wear glasses! Each of our eyes are a slightly lopsided and uneven spherical shape that is about 1 inch in diameter. Each of our eyeballs are located inside our skull, which then is connected to the brain by the optic nerve. Information enters the eye through the form of light. The light is converted into electrical impulses, which then travel to the brain, and allow us to see. Sight helps us to make informed decisions about the environment around us. Some of these ‘decisions’ may include to look where we are when walking or to recognize someone's face or a certain colour. 

Image by Amanda Dalbjörn
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